Qq B.


I had my third knee injury in three years. I have tried many PTs in town in past injuries but something was always missing. This time I opted to try Nicole, and I can't stress this enough: she is the most professional, thoughtful PT I've ever had. I worked with her weekly over 7 months, starting right after the surgery and all the way to return to sports. I have never felt so confident in my knee. I have never been so motivated to keep up with my PT.

Nicole would always be prepared and ready for our session. She will remember where we left, would follow up on any open items, and will keep track of the progress. She kept a strong balance of carefulness (not pushing too much) and progress (pushing when appropriate). I had a specific goal in mind, and with her no-bs approach, helped me get there with intention.

I am so happy I found her. Thank you for everything Nicole!


Sean C.


I have gone to physical therapy a number of times in my life, but Nicole has by far been one of the best ones I've ever had. She not only taught me exercises but helped me understand how to move and workout in ways where I wouldn't injure myself. She is the first therapist to tell me that my workout sneakers and running shoes were not providing me adequate support, and 6 months later I still notice how much more comfortable I feel in the new footwear I purchased. You want someone to be honest and upfront with you about what will work, and Nicole was definitely that.

I am very appreciative to Nicole for helping me get back on track, and I am happy to say I foam roll and stretch regularly with much gusto.


Pam R.


These guys are the best. A few years ago I badly stressed an arthritic knee, causing serious inflammation and resulting in considerable pain and difficulty walking. But after working with Nicole Reiss (and some other great PTs here), I've just completed the hiking vacation I was afraid I'd never have again. And I have a set of exercises that I rely on to keep me going. Every PT I've seen there really listened and used the feedback I gave them. And their swimming pool therapy is also wonderful. I'm totally impressed with their work and grateful that my doctor (also a client) knew to recommend these providers.


James I.


This place has everything, a professional staff, a clean and open environment, and air conditioning, which is refreshing on hot summer days. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Should anyone need physical therapy after surgery or an injury, check Potrero Physical Therapy first. They are simply the best.


Belce D.


I can't talk highly enough of Potrero PT. I started going here after I injured my knee at a ski accident, partial ACL tear, meniscal tear and tibial plateau fractures. I was walking on crutches and was completely unable to put any weight on my knee. Nicole worked with me for a couple of months and now I am back to light jogging, hiking, biking and basically everything I used to do. Nicole is amazing, she is always prepared, takes detailed patient notes, communicates with your doctor and addresses all of your needs. The front desk is very responsive and helpful too. The whole team helps you throughout the whole journey and even make themselves available after you "graduate".


Robert S.


I would like to bestow a lavish complement on my PT Nicole Reiss. I was seeing her for a variety of problems, including my shoulder, back and feet. She far exceeded my expectations in every way. She worked diligently to figure out was wrong, and how to fix it. I am amazed at the results we achieved, especially my feet, which have been in great pain for more years than I can remember. I now have exercises that will hopefully keep me in good shape. Thanks does not begin to state how grateful I am to you, Nicole.

In addition, the facility is nice and the desk staff very helpful. They handled all the billing without a hitch. And it was very close to my house as well.


Greg H.


I was referred to Potrero PT after a moving-related back injury, and I was seen by Celina for 2 sessions and then Kendall for 7 sessions. I was unsure about waiting 3 weeks for an initial appointment, but I'm glad I waited instead of going elsewhere. Both PTs were both super knowledgeable, compassionate and patient. If I need physical therapy again in the future, I would go back here without hesitation.


Patrick C.


I had both ankle and quad therapy at Potrero. My therapist was Melika Kasner. She has been a spectacular therapist: a good listener, professional, responsive, friendly and positive. We met once a week mostly via Zoom - the remote sessions were effective. The exercises she proposed were targeted and direct. Melika carefully demonstrated each one and observed my technique to make sure that I got the most benefit from them. The suite of varied activities strengthened my two areas of injury. My ankles recovered completely within five weeks : they are now strong and flexible. And pain in my feet, Achilles, and ankles has been relieved. Likewise, Malika treated and relieved my quads, I would strongly recommend Potrero, and Melika in particular, for your physical therapy needs.