Monique K.

El Granada, CA

I'm an avid surfer who's been injured serval times surfing powerful waves around Northern California. Over the last 10 years I've suffered multiple shoulder separations, torn my MCL and most recently had a right shoulder dislocation and subsequent surgery repairing my Labrum and Rotator cuff and stapling my shoulder capsule to my humeral head, this is called a remplasage procedure, which could be years of PT just to get the shoulder moving again.

Potrero PT is like family to me and there level of care in interest goes beyond the norm. Lance is my guru and and talks to me every step of the way explaining whats going on, what is needed, why is and that is happening and creates a PT program for me that he diligently oversees and supports. I feel vulnerable and emotional every time I walk into the clinic and leave feeling stronger, brave and ready for recovery. Lance was able to get my shoulder moving safely with better extension in just months after surgery (which is huge!) Giving me so much hope and relief!

After a year for diligent PT, I am now back in the ocean surfing big winter surf and back to life!!! The whole Potrero team is amazing! Tracy worked on me as well in the past and I loved her so much!!! The front desk is super helpful and friendly! I'll never go anywhere else.


Alex M.

San Francisco, CA

I first worked with Potrero PT after knee surgery and had a full recovery. Some time later, I started having back issues related to my work. I tried everything and nothing worked. I decided to go back and was amazed that in 1 month I was completely healed. I worked with Dave and he pinpointed the issue with my muscles. He gave me very specific techniques to help me build strength in the right muscles and stretch out others that had become locked. I still use those techniques and my back has been strong.


Andrew K.

Bolinas, CA

Lance and Tracy at Potero Physical Therapy helped me recover from a serious knee injury and another hamstring injury a few years later. They were the best, always concerned about my progress to recovery and always made me feel welcome to be there. If you find yourself in need of a physical therapist go seek them out, they're worth it!! Andrew


Jaime C.

San Francisco, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the entire team at Potrero PT for getting me back on my feet and moving my shoulder again!

I came in on crutches with multiple injuries in both ankles and my right shoulder after a life-changing incident. It's been 5 months and I'm feeling 90% better. While I've been shuffled around to multiple PT offices due to my insurance coverage, I can say hands down that these guys are THE BEST. The friendly staff, pleasant and spacious facility and level of attention and care I received with each visit far surpasses the other 2 PT offices I have worked with, who were also solid and highly recommended to me, but not quite as thorough and complete as Potrero PT.

I worked with Bryce for a couple months to get my range of motion back and made exponential progress with each visit. He answered my many questions, educated me about my recovery process for each extremity and helped me understand where I was in my progress with each visit, while building a comprehensive exercise program to work on in between visits. They also provide printouts for PT exercises--something I've had to ask for in the other offices.

I felt deeply cared for and positively challenged to improve with each appointment. I wish I was still working with Bryce today, hoping they'll accept Blue Shield of CA soon.


Stephanie B.

Daly City, CA

I recently called for an emergency appointment and Lupe was the wonderful person that helped me. She immediately put me on a list to get me in if anyone else canceled, to my surprise I was called one hour later and put in for an appointment. Great customer service.

For my visit I saw Andy who was very knowledgeable, friendly, and explained every step to me along the way. I came in because I was unable to turn my head side to side and by the time my appointment was finished I left pain free and with a smile.

On top of the manual work they take you through a home program and ice or heat. Amelia was the lovely aide that worked with me and took me through the final process.

Overall: from start to finish the process was easy and I strutted out feeling amazing. Thanks Potrero PT :)


Nabil S.

San Francisco, CA

Worked with Dave Silky here a few years ago after get labrum repair in my left shoulder. He's awesome! Unfortunately, I have to go back for my left ankle and possibly for my right shoulder in a few months. Great facility, really nice people as well!


Jordash S.

Beverly Hills, CA

After 3.5 months of seeing physical therapists following a fractured ankle/ torn labrum in my hip, I was beginning to lose hope of ever making a full recovery. I decided to try a new PT and within a week I was back to the activities I love (surfing, biking, boxing, etc). I felt that they were more hands on and personal than the other PT I had received. Definitely recommended them to anyone needing this type of help!


John M.

San Francisco, CA

I worked with Tracy at Potrero PT for about six or seven sessions. Tracy is personable and very knowledgeable. The staff is also courteous and polite.

I came in after having some inexplicable back pain through surfing. After going to a spine specialist and getting X-rays, Tracy took the time to further diagnose the problem from a musculature/alignment standpoint. She gave me several exercises that led to major improvements in my condition. Within only a few months I was back in the water and surfing again, which I am so grateful for!

I would highly recommend Potrero PT for anyone, especially surfers. Word on the streets is they do a lot of treatment for some of the standout guys who surf Mavericks.


Rob P.

San Francisco, CA

I had the good luck to work with Tracy on my knee and hip issues, and thanks to her insight and expertise am finally making progress on the acute pain issues that I've had for years in those areas. During our first session she was able to quickly assess my problem areas and develop a strength and flexibility program that I now use daily, resulting in very satisfying progress.

The facility is very pleasant and well equipped, and the entire staff is very friendly and professional. I recommend them without any reservation.


Linda E.

Miami, FL

I knew I was going to need physical therapy when my lower back pain didn't go away after a week and turned into a pinched nerve, which, after MRIs, turned out to be a badly herniated disc.at my L4/L5..

Before going for my MRI, but after getting X-rays, my doctor knew I'd need to start PT, so they referred me to a group out of Concord where I live. I knew they couldn't work with my schedule, as I work in SF, so I got to Yelping and found great reviews for Potrero Physical Therapy, so I opted to take full advantage of my PP and go here.

I was set up with Dave, who is awesome. The exercises that he has shown me how to do have helped me tremendously. When I first started going about a month and a half ago, I was in a lot of pain - constant burning and tingling and searing pain up my whole leg in various segments at various times. The very first exercise he taught me was a press-up and that one exercise, and merely being on my stomach, propped up on my elbows, has helped decrease my pain substantially. I appreciate how each session he throws new, challenging exercises in that keep it interesting and not boring. What's great is that I am doing the exercises at home and for once in my life, I'm actually sticking to exercising every day.

Re: the rest of the spot - everyone there is super awesome, front desk especially. I think I'm going to be sad once my back gets better! :)


Effie F.

San Francisco, CA

This review is LONG over due. I have done rehab from three (3!) surgeries at Potrero Physical Therapy. Great atmosphere and I always enjoy my sessions here. I have been to other PT places in the city and I can say with confidence that this is as good as it gets. All the staff are EXCELLENT; front desk, aids, owner Lance and the Physical Therapists. What really sets this place apart is the pool therapy. Getting in that warm water really makes all the difference. Thanks to everyone and a special "shout out" to Tracy for helping me get through my recent rehab which has been the most difficult...


Jessica B.

San Francisco, CA

Physical therapy is a place that I think most of us don't want to be. It means you have been dealing with some type of injury for far too long. If you are like me you thought to yourself "the big ugly boot I have been wearing for weeks is off so I should be fine now and I will be running 6 miles by next week" Then the reality sets in and the thought of physical therapy is annoying and frustrating. If you have to end up doing PT this is the place you need to go. Every person who works at Potrero Physical Therapy is fantastic. Lance has created a great atmosphere with amazing people.

I was not a happy camper when they told me I had to come twice a week and then I started looking forward to my appointments. They do a great job of pushing you while you are there but more importantly giving the tools and knowledge you need to continue the work on your own.

If I ever fall off a step again and fracture my ankle Lance and his team will probably be my first call.